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Charles E. Solak, C.P.A. was founded in 1975 and specializes in providing accounting, auditing, tax and fraud prevention and deterrence (forensic) services primarily to self-employed individuals and small businesses.  On January 1, 2018, Mr. Solak began operating as Charles E. Solak, C.P.A. P.A.  His client base spans into several states and foreign countries.

Education & Experience

Mr. Solak began his professional career in 1970 after graduating from Western Michigan University with a B.B.A. degree. Subsequently he obtained a M.S. Taxation degree from Golden Gate University. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Florida. Prior to the establishment of his professional practice in 1975, he was on the staff of two large national and one regional CPA firms with experience emphasis in small business accounting, auditing and taxation matters. He also served on the State of California Board of Accountancy Qualification Committee for 12 years and was elected a Trustee of a local (California) school board for 6 years.

Practice Profile

Mr. Solak works with all his clients in a professional and confidential manner with the objective to be their primary source for accounting and tax information including trends and changes, so clients can make properly informed decisions. He assists clients in establishing financial goals, maximizing their financial resources and then providing the pathway to achieve those financial goals. Mr. Solak is proactive with clients to help them identify opportunities and potential problems and provide them with solutions. 

Tax preparation services include in depth planning and analysis for proper tax return preparation for US residents, ExPats and non-residents. In addition, all individual clients receive a review of the following year tax outlook which may include a tax projection. He also provides clients with timely tax information mailings on topical tax planning opportunities throughout the year.

Mr. Solak represents clients resolving tax controversies with tax authorities including examinations (tax audits) and offer-in-compromise settlements.  He also makes available to all individual income tax clients an optional Audit Coverage for the first 5 hours of professional services in any IRS or State tax agency examination or information request.

This website is for informational purposes only. All undertaking by Charles E. Solak to perform services begin after a signed client engagement letter that specifically details services to be rendered.